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Founded in 1975, the Winged Warriors/National B-Body Owners Association (N.B.O.A.) is the international club devoted to the research, preservation, restoration and enjoyment of 1969 Dodge Daytonas, 1970 Plymouth SuperBirds and all 1962-74 B-Body Mopar vehicles, including Belvedere, Road Runner, GTX, Satellite, Coronet, Charger and SuperBee. Ownership is not required for membership - admirers and enthusiasts are welcome!

During our many years together, the club has passed several milestones. After humble beginnings in the San Francisco Bay area with the name Bay Area Road Runners, a merger and several name changes later, the club developed into an organization exclusively for the special NASCAR-bodied vehicles (ie: Daytona, SuperBird, 1969 Charger 500, Ford Talladega and Mercury Cyclone Spoiler II). Using the name NASCAR Street Classics Ltd, the emphasis in our monthly publication was mostly centered around the racing heritage of those cars. With the departure of the Ford products, our interests shifted to locating and registering as many of the existing winged cars as possible and reproducing as many of the special parts as our members needed for their restorations.

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In the mid-80's, it was decided to open up the club to the 1962-74 B-Bodies, as these machines were a significant part of our history and our goal was to see as many of them saved as possible. With the inclusion of the 1962-74 B-Bodies, the club has grown significantly, a huge amount of information has been shared and we have helped each other research and restore these special machines.

We are proud to be one of the few clubs recognized by Chrysler. In the mid-80's, when Chrysler cleaned out their warehouses, the original 3/8 scale model was found that was used in wind tunnel testing and development of the 1969 Charger 500 and later the Daytona. Chrysler donated this model to our club and we proudly accepted it with the goal of restoring it to original condition and sharing it with all Mopar fans.

Long-time member Dave Patik of Tallahassee, FL, has spent much of his adult life researching the 3/8 model's history and interviewing Chrysler folks who were involved with its use. He serves the club not only as custodian to the 3/8 scale model, but also as our Restoration Advisor, as he is an expert on correctness and details. A restoration of the 3/8 scale model has been on-going for several years and our goal is to someday have it displayed with all of the different nose cone and wing configurations that were originally tested on it. The model appears at many Mopar shows throughout the country each year so others can learn about it.

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Our members receive a monthly publication, the Winged Warrior/B-Body Review, which averages sixteen pages each month and is ALWAYS on time! Some of the material includes: reprints of Chrysler factory paperwork on the development of our cars and factory bulletins, technical and restoration information, black and white photos, member car features, new product information, new collectibles/ toys/models announced, coverage of significant shows and events, a calendar of events in the summer months, occasional reprints of old race coverage and classic ads featuring our cars, a large advertising section (advertising is always FREE to our members!). As a special treat to our members, we occasionally include a full-color page of Mopars.

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Each year, the club holds a National Meet in a different location. The location is voted on by the members and a local member in that area acts as our host, arranging hotel accommodations, organizing local tours and planning other events, providing maps and directions, etc. Our meets are family-oriented, more like yearly family reunions where our members can see each other and spend some fun and relaxing time together and still be able to enjoy their cars. Some of the activities we've enjoyed at past National Meets have been: a leisurely drive through the Smokey Mountains; plane rides at Ona Raceway in WV; walking tour of historic downtown Vandergrift, PA; 100 winged cars doing a parade lap before the Talladega 500 race; white water rafting down the Hiwausee River in TN; a tour of the Pittsburgh-Wheeling Steel Plant; sprint car racing in IA; a drive on the Chrysler Proving Grounds in MI; tour of the FermiLab atomic plant in Chicago; Busch Gardens in FL; go-cart racing in IN; a day at the beach in CA; the Columbus Zoo in OH; and a parade lap on the Kalamazoo Speedway in MI, just to name a few.

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